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Menyelusuri travel di jakarta selatan

Dibilangan mampangl, kita akan menemui salah satu travel di jakarta selatan yang paling komplit menu paket perjalan tour wisatanya, sebut saja namanya cheria travel.

Senin, 15 Agustus 2011

100% assurance that our oudh are genuine

Known from it’s diversity Indonesia also known as one of the largest source of oudh or agarwood or gaharu. From 17 kinds of tree that can produce agarwood

resin, 8 of them are exist in Indonesia.

Oud, agarwood or gaharu is known to mankind since the dawn of history. The term oudh came from Arabic word( العود) wich literally means “wood”, the gaharu came from sanskrit word “aguru” wich mean “the heavy wood” since high quality agarwood is sinking when it puts on water, also known as jinko or kyara also aloeswood, eagleswood in Papua New Guinea.

Oudh or agarwood or gaharu is very rare. Because of excessive hunting for their woods and resin it is now on CITES appendix II, wich means this wood is only allowed to be trade in a very small quota. Indonesia as one of the largest exporter of agarwood restrict it’s exporting quota into 300 Tons/year but only 10-20% are already met.

In the wild agarwood can produce resin after years of process. The resin is actually a defense mechanism, this resin use as means to defend themselves from fungus infection. But now days technology can made agarwood produce agarwood resin just within 1-5 years after it grows in full size.

We offer you high quality agarwood oil from it’s source. Our products are genuine no added material such as coloring agent, alcohol or agarwood oil solvent. Additive is very dangerous when it’s inhaled it may cause harm to your body. Alcohol added agarwood oil can cause cough. Other additives may be carcinogenic or causing other health problems.

So we give you 100% assurance that our oudh are genuine

100% pure Indonesia Agarwood Oil

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We have stocks of the Highest and Superb Quality of Indonesia Agarwood (West Papua, Borneo) and also Malaysia Agarwood.
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Agarwood from Indonesia

Currently, Indonesia ranks number one in the export of agarwood, popularly known as gaharu. A variety of agarwood species, including Aquilaria Hirta and Aquilaria Malaccencis are found in large numbers in the Kalimantal region of this country. Hobbyists who spot agar trees from the helicopter, natives and agents pay the specified amount to the government and process agarwood.

The local use of agarwood is for medicinal and religious purposes, while a large quantity of it is exported too. It is cultivated mainly on private ownership basis. Research centres on fungal inoculation have been set up at Java and Sumatra